Watch This Feisty New Orleans Tornado Survivor Correct A Reporter Who Gets Her Age Wrong

Earlier this week tornadoes ripped trough southeastern Louisiana, devastating New Orleans East, a part of the city that had already been affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Incredibly, no deaths were reported, however the storms caused widespread damage to a neighborhood that residents have spent the past decade trying to rebuild.

One such resident of the New Orleans East area is the woman in the above video named Constance, who has lived in the area her whole life. Constance was interviewed by WDSU 6 News in the aftermath of this latest natural disaster, as someone who has clearly seen a lot in her years. As for how many years that happens to be, reporter Kellie Brown learned the hard way.

While interviewing Constance, Brown reported, “She says she’s lived here her entire life, almost 80 years, [she’s] been through just about everything.” “I ain’t no 80 years old,” Constance retorted, because with all that is good and holy you do not round up a lady’s age. Brown apologized, taking another stab with “76” but Constance was quick to remind her that she is only 75, please and thank you. This lady may have seen some shit in her lifetime, but you can’t say she doesn’t have her priorities straight.