A Weatherman Barely Survives A Giant Spider Attack In April’s Best News Bloopers

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring … pilgrims, according to one female anchor in the best news bloopers of April 2017, which is once again brought to us by News Be Funny on YouTube. While last month may not have brought us anything quite as spectacular as BBC dad, as we saw with the best bloopers of March, one particularly arachnophobia weatherman gets the holy hell scared out of him when a hungry spider makes its way across the screen at the 5:55 mark.

“What is that?” he asks after initially running away. “Well, that’s a spider, and that is dinner,” he says, pointing to a fly that has unfortunately become ensnared in the spider’s web. “There he goes, oh no, there he goes … Who’s he coming after next? The guy in khakis?” Off screen a female anchor asks, “Can we just watch this for a little while? It’s like National Geographic!” Later apologizing, the weatherman later admits,”I’m sorry again for that reaction, I think my man card has been revoked.”

And yet, given everything going on in the world right now, even a real life giant spider invasion probably wouldn’t even crack the top five most terrifying stories from last month.