Nic Cage Is Done With Ghost Rider, Suggests A Female Ghost Rider

Did you know Nic Cage based his performance in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance on his pet cobra? And that he showed up to set with his face painted and wore black contacts to help him become the Spirit of Vengeance? Did you also know Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance scored 17% on Rotten Tomatoes? You can read these and other facts in our upcoming Kindle single, My Nic Cage Year.

Okay, here’s one more Nic Cage fact, since you’ve been good. At the press junket for The Croods, Nic Cage told MTV News he’s finished with Ghost Rider movies.

“I think the ship has sailed on that one, at least with me involved.” Cage believes that another Ghost Rider movie might happen “down the road” — “It would be interesting if they did it with a female Ghost Rider,” he mused.

A female Ghost Rider? But who could possibly match Nic Cage’s batsh-t interpretation of the character? Well, that settles it. We’ve got to defrost Margot Kidder’s cryogenic tank and let her release the cobra. Then Nic Cage can get back to more important things like playing Wonder Woman.

[Banner picture via Something Awful.]