People Can’t Believe Nicki Minaj Shared A Video Of White Supremacy Theory-Endorser Tucker Carlson

We’re on Day Three of Nicki Minaj-gate, and it’s still taking unpredictable, Mad Libs-y turns. It all started with the annual Met Gala (obviously). The rapper was not in attendance, and as the festivities began, she took to Twitter to explain why: She wasn’t vaccinated. She then claimed that a cousin’s friend had some problems with his testicles, implying that it could have had something to do with him recently being dosed. (Or, you know, maybe he got an STD.) The story was widely mocked, but Tucker Carlson picked it up, and for two nights in a row he solemnly talked about Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s balls.

On Wednesday, Minaj shared a clip from one of Carlson’s shows, which kicked the story up yet another nutty notch. In the portion she shared, the Fox News host ascribed the backlash Minaj is currently facing to religious persecution. He seized upon the part where she said people should “pray on it,” essentially claiming that she was being bullied for being a free-thinker. (He did not posit that the reason people are angry is that she’s spreading vaccine misinformation and doubt as cases are soaring among the unvaccinated.)

On her tweet, Minaj affixed an emoji of an arrow hitting bullseye on a target, all but ensuring that the story would live on for at least another two or three days.

Minaj has gotten a lot of pushback since coming out as a vaccine skeptic at the week’s beginning, and she got yet more after she publicly agreed with a guy who’s spread white supremacist conspiracy theories, to say nothing of all his other misdeeds. It was clear from some that people, however tired they were of this story, couldn’t believe it took yet another surreal turn.

Some tried to explain to Minaj that you don’t want Tucker Carlson to agree with you (to say nothing of agreeing with him).

And why don’t you want Tucker Carlson agreeing with you? Because, people said, he sometimes parrots white nationalist talking points.

Minaj has remained very online during much of the vaccine/balls/Tucker controversy, and she actually wound up replying to one detractor. “Ppl aren’t human any more,” she wrote back, claiming that these days you’re not supposed to listen to certain political parties.

To which people pointed out that “white nationalist” is not a political party.

Kanye fans could relate to fans of a popular rapper watching as they embrace white nationalist talking points.

Others pointed out that maybe it’s time to log off.

And others still felt bad for her PR team, who’ve had quite the week.

And it’s only Wednesday.