The Nicolas Cage In Everything Project: Photoshopping Nic Cage Into All The Movies And Television

To the untrained eye Nicolas Cage is seemingly in every film and television project ever. This — sadly — is not actually the case. There are plenty of popular projects he somehow missed out on and an argument can be made — slightly ironically albeit — that they would have all been improved if Nic Cage had been in them starred in every single role.

If there was only some way the internet could right this injustice?

Enter: Our Brazilian friend Matheus Candido, the man behind modern masterpiece Nicolas Cage as every Avenger. Matheus recently reached out to let us know he is in the process of answering his life’s calling with a new Facebook page dedicated to photoshoppping Nic Cage in all the roles he should have done. Some make perfect sense. Some make zero sense. Some are precision photoshops. Some look like I made them in MS Paint. All are glorious.

Here are a whole bunch of Matheus’s finest work to inspire us to begin a letter writing campaign to ensure that Nicolas Cage is cryogenically frozen and then replicated in the future when we have the technology.