What The Hell Is Up With This Moving Nike Shoe Made Out Of Ersatz Human Flesh?

It’s 2015, and we still don’t have hoverboards or jet packs. But you know what we do have? We have a meat shoe. A shoe made of meat. And hair. And a little Nike swoosh, too. Because, if you’re going to wear a meat shoe out on the town, you don’t want it to be some discount brand.

Death and Taxes reports that the shoe, dubbed The Animatronic Flesh Shoe by artist Adam Brandejs, isn’t functional, but rather a commentary on the sweat shop labor used by major corporations. It was created in 2004, but is just blowing up now, thanks to the magic of the internet. And for anyone worried that the shoe is made out of stapled-together sheets of actual flesh, you can rest easy; it’s made out of latex modeled after the artist’s own skin.

The hair, however, is very, very real.

(Via Death and Taxes)