Now You Can Slay Blandness Wherever You Go With This Sriracha Keychain

I’m a rotund fellow who is being led to the jagged rocks of heart disease by the crackling siren’s song of cooking bacon, so I get the bacon boom as much as it gets me. But like the guacamole craze of 2013, I am flummoxed by sriracha mania.

Is Red Devil not good enough for you and your elitist taste buds? My grandfather fought in the big one and he used Tabasco. That’s a sauce with staying power and it’s everywhere. Sriracha? Not even close. It’s a fad and as such, a lot of eateries don’t have it on their tables. Which is probably why Sriracha2Go is going to be hugely succesful with people who have to be special when it comes to their fire sauce.

A clever company called Sriracha2Go created 1.5-ounce (a size chosen by someone who clearly does not know the lengths of Sriracha addiction) bottles which come stamped with a logo that looks a whole lot like (but isn’t quite) that of the famous Hoy Fung Rooster Sauce. It comes with a handy carabiner so you can attach it to the handle on your bag or, I don’t know, the hammer hook on your jeans.

If you need more than 1.5 ounces of sriracha sauce, I’d suggest that you try to find one of those condiment holsters that I’ve seen waitresses and waiters wearing when I go to retro diners and carhops (see, I do hipster things too) and a good gastroenterologist. The Sriracha2Go costs $7 (or you can buy 10 for $35 because stocking stuffers…) and it doesn’t come with any sauce. The cap un-screws so you can use it over and over again. Hell you can even carry around the next flavor trend when this whole sriracha thing fades away.

Source: Bustle