A Bizarre Super Bowl Ad For The Vegan Food Brand Oatly Left People Scratching Their Heads

Super Bowl commercials tend to be the main attraction for some — a reliable source of entertainment that attracts even those who only watch one NFL game a year. But this year was a relatively somber one, with a plethora of sad or contemplative ads peppered into the usual goofball ones. While some said the best or at least most clever Super Bowl commercial was the glitchy five-second one by Reddit, the pick for worst — or at least weirdest — went to the one for Oatly.

How did an ad for the Swedish vegan food brand come up with the big night’s most surreal entry? It wasn’t by doing much. Indeed, all it did was plop its CEO, Toni Petersson, in a field of wheat, armed with nothing but a keyboard. There he sang a silly little song about the glories of selling foodstuffs made of oat, not dairy. “It’s like milk/But made for humans!” Petersson crooned. He continued: “Wow, wow/No cow!”

The tune is maddeningly simple and maddeningly catchy, with its stupid “wow”-“cow” rhyme no doubt becoming an earworm for those who caught it. And it sharply divided those on social media, who care more about ads than they do about the Kansas City Chiefs getting roundly trounced by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Many were against it.

Still, it had its fans.

Some were quick to cover their new favorite song.

Others simply made jokes.

It didn’t take for Oatly to find a clever way to profit off of the hate. So everybody wins!

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