Obama Wandered Into A College Bar In Boulder And This Pic Happened

04.25.12 74 Comments

It appears as though at some point yesterday — in between popping in to slow jam the news in North Carolina with Jimmy Fallon — President Obama was in Boulder, Colorado (a fine, fine town!) and decided to pop in at a local college bar called the Sink while he was in town. It was there that University of Colorado student Madalyn Starkey posed for what may be the greatest picture ever taken with a sitting president (the photo above, DUH! And it’s so great, in fact, that we’ve started a Photoshop challenge here.)

All morning I’ve been trying to imagine how I’d have reacted if the president just walked into one of my college dives while I was still a student. I like to think that the result would be similar to young Madalyn’s photo here, but more than likely it would have probably involved me and The Prez being photographed doing jager bombs at the bar. Bill Clinton was president when I was in college, after all, and I can be quite persuasive.

(HT: Holly Bailey)

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