Oh Nothing, Just A Bride Ordering From The Taco Bell Drive-Thru In Her Wedding Dress

As someone who has become known as this site’s go-to guy for all things Taco Bell, I can’t believe that this story didn’t break my inbox over the weekend. Seriously, I have friends who set up Taco Bell news updates so they can send me border stories, because my eventual health issues make great comedy for them. (And on that note, please stay tuned for tomorrow’s review of the new Taco Bell dollar menu, because I love you all.) But this Redditor’s photo of his beautiful and “drunk” bride in her wedding gown, standing in a Taco Bell drive-thru and ordering a late night snack on her wedding night, might just be my favorite photo in the world, because it combines two of the most wonderful things on this planet – love and cheap fast food tacos.

What makes the photo so much better, though, is the message that is printed on the screen as she’s talking into the speaker…

“Your best decision of the day.” No offense to “Turnaroundslowly,” but that machine’s logic is hard to debate.