Okay ‘Resident Evil 6’ Sucks — Get Over It With The Surprisingly Good Looking ‘ZombiU’

So, turns out Resident Evil 6 is pretty mediocre, but don’t worry — a grim, zombie-less holiday season doesn’t have to be in your future. If you manage to get your hands on a WiiU, you can play ZombiU, which actually looks surprisingly good!

What sets ZombiU apart is that it’s one of the very few (maybe the only) zombie games to actually play by zombie movie rules. That is, if you’re bit, you’re done. You start over with a new character and try the stage again — except now your old character is roaming the stage as a zombie as well. The game doesn’t just get by on innovation though — it also looks surprisingly scary.

Hit the jump for some ZombiU videos and gameplay footage…

videos via Ubisoft and Nintendo World Report YouTube pages

Here’s a nice chunk of gameplay without the talking heads…

Hey Capcom, how’s it feel to be zombie schooled by a team that usually works on Rayman and Raving Rabbids games?