A Stranded Motorist In Oklahoma Went Viral With A Hilarious Pork Rinds-Related Interview


The weather has been a mess recently across much of Middle America, with tornadoes, severe winds, and rainstorms running rampant. Oklahoma has been a particular target for flooding, which has been so severe it shut down one of its main interstates. One man stranded on the highway, with no hopes of immediate respite, decided to make light of the massive inconvenience that has no end in sight.

As caught by the Kansas City Star, a reporter from Oklahoma City’s local news was making the rounds, trying to find motorists stalled on the interstate. She happened upon one man, found sitting in the back of his pickup truck, ready to tell her his secret to getting by. The man said his original plan was to ride the shoulder all the way to freedom. When that didn’t work, he fell on Plan B: Tailgate by eating the bag of pork rinds he has in his truck, and maybe take a nap.

At interview’s end, he flashed a “Horns Down” hand gesture, which native Southerners know is used to mock Texas fans’ “Hook ’em Horns” own gesture.

The man, who has not yet been identified, quickly became a social media folk hero.

(Via Kansas City Star)