Old Spice + Tim & Eric + Terry Crews = Too Powerful To Stay In Its Own Commercial

I remember it like it was yesterday. Isaiah Mustafa dominating YouTube and then Tim & Eric showing up with Terry Crews to max out the potential for random hilarity. Telling someone you were “on a horse” and walking away and them having no idea what the hell just happened. Hard to believe it’s been almost two years since Old Spice peaked virally. Since then they’ve continued to provide the model for how to maximize your brand on YouTube, but the level of buzz they created back in 2010 isn’t the sort of thing that’s sustainable.

Re-enter Tim & Eric & Terry this week taking the tried and true premise further outside the box and reminding us that Old Spice still gets it. That’s right: invading other commercials! Particularly the crappy daytime television ones aimed at moms. Brilliant! Maybe it’s the Friday morning talking, or maybe it’s an unsuspecting Caucasian lady shilling fabric softener being unexpectedly interrupted by Terry Crews jet skiing through her drywall, but in a week where Super Bowl commercials are being leaked left and right these made me giggle like no other.

All four Tim & Eric ‘Smell the Power’ spots (only the first two are commercial invasions) to follow. Hard to believe half the audience is walking out of their movie.