Paris Hilton Said ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’ And Sarcastic People Happily Obliged

Paris Hilton has been keeping a lower profile since her reality show days, still working as a DJ and managing a brand, usually only drawing the Internet’s ire when she claimed to have invented the selfie or said Trump’s sexual assault accusers just “want attention.” Other than that, most of what we’ve heard about her in the past few years has involved needless speculation about her boobs or a compelling story with the headlineHey, Everybody! Watch This Monkey Jerk Off In Front Of Paris Hilton!” (Pulitzer. Now.)

The heiress is back in the spotlight this week after she tweeted “Tell me something I don’t know” and Twitter has enthusiastically obliged. The tweet has already received over 13,000 replies, many of them offering up engrossing information that would be right at home on Reddit’s Today I Learned subreddit.

At first, some people on Twitter were incredulous.

Others decided to tackle this herculean task, starting with the basics:

Others kept their answers simple and sarcastic:

Some people used Hilton’s request as an excuse to be mean, which we’re sure comes as a shock to everyone:

Other people taught us fascinating facts about animals, leading us to realize squid like to eat too much just like we do.

People also offered up historical minutiae:

Butch Hartman, creator of The Fairly OddParents, revealed some of the process behind the show sure to blow a few millennial minds:

And other TV trivia was shared:

More fodder for trivia nights was offered:

Folks even dropped some science:

But not everyone thought this task could be handled within Twitter’s current scope: