‘Parks & Rec’ Season 3 Gag Reel Will Make You Fall In Love With ‘Parks & Rec’ All Over Again

These two newly uploaded NSFW audio Parks & Recreation Season 3 gag reel videos (Part I above, Part II after the jump) are over ten minutes apiece so my original plan was to list out all the must watch scenes so everyone could efficiently scan through them, but of course every GD curse-filled second is f’n fantastic and I found myself transcribing it word for word. So do yourself a favor and watch ASAP, especially since they could get yanked from YouTube at any second. But knowing how web-friendly and all-around awesome NBC’s Thursday night programming people are they probably won’t though.

Highlights of the highlights include: Usage of profanity by people you’re not used to hearing use profanity, miniature horse meat, Jerry’s chimpanzee toes, Rob Lowe’s big shot texting habits, Farting, and Perd Hapley BJs.

I imagine your workday as represented by the (Fixed) Many Faces of Ron Swanson (below), with the final square representing the portion you spend watching these.

Via Splitsider