Paul Rudd Helped A Couple Make Their Baby Announcement In The Most Adorable And Appropriate Way

Just when we think we can’t love Paul Rudd any more — what with his amazing dance moves, ability to make highly-entertaining bromantic comedies, lip syncing prowess, adorable tales of romantic rivalry with Jon Hamm, longterm commitment to pranking Conan O’Brien, and (of course) those eyes — he goes and does something like this.

Lucky enough to bump into Rudd while expecting a child, this handsome couple seized the moment by enlisting the aid of the ageless wonder, asking him to hold up a perfectly appropriate and referential sign (because he was in Knocked Up, you see) to help break their baby news to friends and family.

There’s no way to know right now, but this will probably end up being more memorable than anything the baby will do:

(Via Reddit; H/T Buzzfeed)