This Peanut Butter Artist Illustrates Why Leaving Kids Alone Is A Disastrous Idea

08.30.15 3 years ago

This little girl has a bright creative future ahead of her. In the meantime, she decided to test the waters with a strange new medium — peanut butter. Her mother couldn’t resist busting onto the scene with camera in hand to record this spectacle. The girl, about age 6, had lifted her brother onto the dining room table. He was covered from head to toe with the good stuff, but the girl had no idea why she’d done such a thing. She was “scrubbing” him, apparently, and he was delighted to receive such attention from his older sibling.

Enjoy it while it lasts, kid, because one day, big sis will have better things to do. In the meantime, there are important questions yet to be discovered. Why did this girl go with creamy butter instead of the extra-crunchy variety? Perhaps she was simply using her industrious nature. The baby brother will surely never outlive this video. His family will play it at his bachelor party, although this feat says more about the little girl than about her willing subject.

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