Watch As This Tiny Pekingese Puppy Schools Larger Dogs At Sheep Herding

If you’re having a crappy Wednesday, this video of a tiny dog herding sheep is bound make it better.

In the clip, a 4-month-old Pekingese named Percy is seen absolutely schooling two larger Australian Kelpies at sheep herding. The Kelpies (who are bred for herding sheep) try to take control of the situation, but eventually hand over the duties to the tiny fuzzball. The tenacious little guy chases the big ‘ol sheep all around the pen, never giving up an inch of ground. The family watching the whole ordeal can’t help but to cheer Percy on. Even the other dogs appear to be impressed, as well.

Percy is truly the Rudy Ruettiger of sheep herding. PERCY! PERCY! PERCY!

(Via YouTube)