This Dog Food Company Tricked People Into Eating Their Product In A Blind Tasting

The makers of the pet food Freshpet are so certain in their product that they rounded up a group of willing test subjects to participate in a blind taste-testing. Of course, the operative word being “blind” because the dog food was prepared and presented as a hamburger, chicken tacos and spaghetti and meatballs. Before you feel too bad for these people, though, most of them raved about their meals, one even going so far to say that it was the “best burger he’s ever tasted.”

I guess the point they’re trying to make is that you shouldn’t serve man’s best friend anything you wouldn’t eat and enjoy yourself. And that’s a very, very good point because we love our pets. But counterpoint, I could buy the most high-end froufrou food for my dog, and she’d still probably go for cat box morsels every time, if presented with the option.