‘Permit Patty’ Lied When She Said She Never Called The Cops, According To A 911 Transcript

Via Twitter

Alison Ettel, the San Fransisco woman now known to the world as “Permit Patty” for calling the cops on an eight-year-old girl for selling water “without a permit,” has attempted to distance herself from the controversy that led to her stepping down as CEO from her marijuana business, TreatWell Health.

Coming to her own defense, earlier this week Ettel told the San Fransisco Chronicle that she “only pretended to call police.” Obviously, she wouldn’t lie about something like this since 911 dispatcher transcripts are relatively easy for the media to acquire and any lie about the existence of such a call would only cause her to step in it more than she already has.

So, yeah. About that:

In the audio recording, obtained by the Bay Area’s KTVU Fox 2 News, Ettel can be very clearly heard making the call. “I have someone who does not have a vendor permit that’s selling water across from the ballpark,” she told the dispatcher, whose eyes you could practically see rolling at the so-called “emergency.”

Before presumably pulling an about-face, Ettel previously admitted to CNN that she “did call the police, but not on anybody.”

“I said I’d like to talk with someone about if something is legal or not,” she continued. “I said I am not doing a report, and I am not asking for any dispatch. I just want information. I asked, is this legal? She said ‘no.'”

You can see the viral video that ignited the firestorm, below: