‘Permit Patty’ Has Resigned As The CEO Of Her Cannabis Company After Viral Backlash

Via Twitter

Alison Ettel, better known on the internet as “Permit Patty,” has resigned as the chief executive of her San Francisco cannabis company TreatWell Health, over the backlash from a video that went viral of her calling police on an eight-year-old girl selling water. The move comes after several Bay Area dispensaries began boycotting TreatWell products, and it would seem the company had little choice but to oust Ettel.

Cynthia Gonzalez, a spokesperson for the company, said in a statement that the decision “was not an easy one,” but in the best interest of their patients. “It is Ms. Ettel’s belief that TreatWell, its employees, and patients should not have to suffer because of a situation that occurred in an escalated moment,” Gonzalez said. “And she regrets her part and is remorseful.”

An “escalated moment” seems to be putting it gently, since the video, taken by the girl’s cousin, below, appears to be pretty clear. “Yeah, and illegally selling water without a permit,” she can be heard saying on the phone with the dispatcher. “On my property,” interjects the cousin.

Ettel maintains that the incident was due to shouting and noises, which she claims had been going on for hours, preventing her from concentrating on a deadline, as she later told CNN.

“I did call the police, but not on anybody,” said Ettel. “I said I’d like to talk with someone about if something is legal or not. I said I am not doing a report, and I am not asking for any dispatch. I just want information. I asked, is this legal? She said ‘no.'”

Hmm. Again, her account seems dubious, given the video evidence.

(Via USA Today)