2020’s Least Offensive Candidate Eats Food The Most Offensively And Folks Have Jokes

Pete Buttigieg is America’s least offensive candidate. He’s a smart white dude, so he has what the DNC would call “electability.” He’s a proud gay man and a millennial, appealing to the few liberal voters who won’t settle for the other moderate white male candidates (Biden). He’s served in the military and appears focus-driven and full of ideas like some kind of diet version of Elizabeth Warren.

But, damn, the man cannot — for the life of him — eat food like a normal ass human. Seriously. If you spent any time on the internet yesterday, you’ve likely seen the now-viral tweet of Buttigieg devouring a cinnamon roll like a rabid wolf sinking its teeth into its prey.

We will never look at cinnamon rolls the same way again.

But this isn’t an isolated incident for Mayor Pete. The presidential candidate has a history of being photographed eating and looking like a total maniac. But the situation isn’t too dramatic. If you’re worried that Mayor Pete’s campaign trail food photos — and the fact that he makes eating a cinnamon roll look like he’s eating a chicken wing — are going to sink his political career like the legendary “Dean Scream,” you’re probably wrong.

While the cinnamon roll photo was making the rounds on Twitter, the hashtag #PeteForPresident was also trending. He’s gonna be fine.


According to a recent poll from Quinnipiac University, support for Buttigieg is climbing with Warren receiving 20% support among likely Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa and Buttigieg following close behind with 19%. That’s above Sanders and Biden, at 17% and 15% respectively. Rising support aside, Twitter users couldn’t help but poke some fun at Mayor Pete and his inability to appear human while eating.

Have some fun and check out the tweets below and then hit our guide on the Presidential candidates and what they believe for the things that actually matter.