Disney Has Dropped YouTube Star PewDiePie After He Posted Multiple Anti-Semitic Videos

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02.13.17 12 Comments

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Seemingly every millennial wants to be internet famous on some level, even if they don’t admit it to themselves. Some millennials, like the immensely famous YouTube star PewDiePie, more than achieve that dream and actually make a career out of the fame. But how far should you go to maintain a level of fame and crowd pleasing behavior after success arrives? On Monday, it was announced that PewDiePie had probably gone too far with the content he was posting in recent months.

Disney, who had a deal with the Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg), cut ties with the content maker after finding out — due to inquiries made by The Wall Street Journal — that he had been posting videos that included either Nazi imagery, anti-Semitic commentary, or both. While these inappropriate and hateful subjects weren’t in every video (only about nine in total included such images or hate speech) it was enough of a percentage of his output over recent months that Disney did not deem it worthwhile to give PewDiePie a warning before cutting the cord completely.

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