Piers Morgan Got Mercilessly Shredded For Criticizing Simone Biles, After He Quit A Job In A Huff Over Meghan Markle

Following GOAT gymnast Simone Biles’ decision to withdraw from Olympic competition in Tokyo while citing the need to focus on mental well-being, let’s just say that Piers Morgan didn’t gracefully react. That’s no surprise, given that Piers is not known for a diplomatic approach to anything, yet his response is rich when one looks back at how Piers walked out of a live broadcast during a temper tantrum and subsequently quit Good Morning Britain while bashing Meghan Markle for daring to allege that she endured racially charged remarks from a Royal Family member.

Piers’ knee-jerk response (and refusal to believe) Meghan already came back to bite him in the butt on one occasion. That would be when Piers condemned racist online attacks made against three Black soccer players (Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka) who missed penalty kicks in the European Championship final. Piers didn’t seem to care about appearing hypocritical in the wake of how he treated Meghan Markle, a Black woman, when she experienced racism. And Piers isn’t afraid of looking hypocritical while criticizing Simone Biles, either.

Here’s what Piers wrote about Simone in his lengthy Daily Mail column, where he dragged how Simone said that competing was no longer “fun.” He then managed to make this all about himself while discussing his own walk-out at length and beefing over how no one called him “brave” or “inspiring”:

Well sorry if it offends all the howling Twitter snowflake virtue-signallers, but I don’t think it’s remotely courageous, heroic or inspiring to quit.

And yes, I say that as someone who walked off the set of Good Morning Britain earlier this year during an argument with a co-worker about Meghan Markle, the person who more than any other has fuelled this cynical new phenomenon of shutting down legitimate criticism by disingenuously playing the mental health and race cards.

What happened to me exposed the ludicrous hypocrisy at the heart of the social media quitter-lovers.

I only left for a few minutes before returning to my desk, but that was long enough for Twitter to forever brand me a gutless coward and snivelling weak-minded weasel.

Indeed, after I tweeted criticism of Simone Biles yesterday, thousands of people promptly bombarded me with the now infamous meme of me walking off, and savagely mocked for quitting.

Oddly, they didn’t think ME quitting was as brave, heroic and inspiring as Ms Biles quitting!

Piers then admitted that “It WAS gutless and cowardly of me to walk off,” and he claimed that he made things right by going back on air to continue debating with co-worker Alex Beresford. However, Piers later quit the show, so I’m not sure what his actual point is? Whatever the case, there’s some Piers-shredding going down on social media.

Piers proceeded to argue with those who responded to him before attempting to reclaim this GIF of him storming off set, while declaring, “and anyone who does it should be celebrated as one of the world’s great heroes…”