Pimped Out Product Placement: The Most Ridiculous Donk Cars To Hit The Road

If you live in the Southeastern United States, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the term “Donk” and its relationship to automobiles. If you don’t have the benefit of living in the Dirty Dirty, then I’ll give you a little background. A donk car – or a Hi-Riser to the formal crowds – is typically a Chevy Impala or Caprice Classic (or any number of classic American muscle cars) that has been raised up on wheels as high as 30-inches. Basically, they’re normal cars raised up on big-ass rims and they are painted in ridiculous fashions. They’re a part of rap culture, they’ve spread thoughout the U.S. far and wide, and most of them are hilariously awesome.

Living in Florida, I’ve seen my fair share of these cars and lately they all have one incredible theme that has me scratching my head. They’re all painted to celebrate some sort of product, be it candy, cereal, potato chips, fashion or video games. While I certainly don’t understand the product selection, I sure do love it. In fact, if someone wants to paint my Wrangler to celebrate Bugles, I may be willing to listen.

(Flat-brimmed hat tips to Road Royalty, F*ck Yeah Donks, and You Drive What?)