Check Out This Insane Footage Of A Plane Performing An Emergency Landing On A Busy New Jersey Highway

When driving a car, the usual hazards of the road (i.e. other crazy drivers) are enough to keep anyone on alert. Drivers in one New Jersey town, though, had an additional obstacle to overcome, as an airplane made an emergency landing onto a busy local highway.

The incident occurred on Route 72 near Stafford Township, N.J. A single-engine Cessna owned by the Skydive East Coast skydiving school experienced engine failure at 4,000 feet. With time running out, the pilot made a quick decision, and decided to use the highway as a runway. YIKES. The plane was seen weaving around power lines, and smashing into street signs.

The footage, which was originally posted to the Stafford Township Police Facebook page, shows the aircraft making its treacherous descent. Miraculously, the plane landed safely in the median, with all five passengers receiving only minor injuries. Not a single car was hit, either.

Here’s the Cessna after the landing:

(Via YouTube, NJ.COM)