Police Allegedly Caught A Pregnant Woman Shoving 89 Packets Of Heroin In Her ‘Body Cavity’

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03.16.15 4 Comments

What is it about the number 89 and heroin? Last year, 89 pounds of heroin were seized in Tucson, while two years prior, a man was allegedly found with, yup, 89 bags of heroin tied around his penis. The latest member of the 89 Club is a pregnant woman who shoved 89 bags of junk into her junk. Or in the fancy terminology of a New Jersey newspaper, her “body cavity.”

Borough police who stopped a man and his pregnant passenger on a minor motor-vehicle violation Friday suspected there were drugs in their car. But they didn’t find anything until they viewed videotape taken by a surveillance camera which caught the woman in the back seat of the police cruiser shoving what turned out to be 89 bags of heroin into a body cavity.

Marina McCarthy, 22, of Gouldsboro, PA, now faces a charge of possession of a controlled dangerous substance. (Via)

The key to getting away with smuggling drugs is to carry 90 pounds/bags/buckets/gallons, apparently. Then you’re free to chase the dragon without complications.

Via North Jersey

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