‘Portal Vs Half-Life’ Is A Valve Fan’s Greatest Dream Come True

Entertainment Editor

Awesome Half-Life and Portal fan film confirmed! It’s a good time to be (still) alive. We’ve seen a plethora of fantastic videogame-based fan films in recent years, from Legend of Zelda: Pot Smashers, to a Battlefield 3 fan film that embraces the defibrillator, to a friggin’ Ski-Free horror flick. But nothing compares to Portal vs Half-Life. This is simply a Valve fan’s greatest dream come true.

Chell has had a rough time surviving Aperture Science over the events of Portal and Portal 2. GLaDOS did what she could to make sure she was without cake, but when Chell’s path crosses Gordon Freeman’s, the gravity gun and portal gun meet in a clash that makes the Marvel Civil War look like child’s play. The stakes are high. This is for all the marbles — the cake is not a lie! It is there, and Gordon has it. It’s up to Chell to battle her way through a plethora of offense that’s typical of the scientist-turned headcrab slayer.

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