Puppies Prove To Be The Cutest Bachelor Party Crashers Ever

Who needs booze, drugs and a paid entertainer in a comedically large cake when a gaggle of puppies can be the crown jewel of your bachelor party? It’s not exactly a debauched course of action, but it is the weapons grade adorable route. Less incriminating photos, too.

A collection of gents found themselves in the unlikely spot of having impossibly cute puppies crash their bachelor party in the woods of Tennessee. Michigan resident Mitchel Craddock was there with his friends and family and found a dog that popped by their pad their first morning there.

“We were cooking bacon with the door open. The next thing you know, there’s this dog sitting right at the front door.,” Craddock told ABC News. “She wouldn’t come inside, but she sat right there.”

The revelers quickly earned the trust of the dog and provided food and water to their furry guest. Cluing in that the dog recently had pups, the dudes would venture out to a protected spot where a stockpile of lil’ furry dog babies were hanging out.

“We set each pup individually down in front of her and she nuzzled their faces and she checked out the pups and to the person holding them, she gave the look of ‘It’s OK, I trust you,’” explained Craddock.

Unable to risk the charms of these party crashers, the groom, his groomsmen and other people in his circles have adopted all eight dogs (including the mom) and there’s no need to get worried that the family’s been separated. All the dogs will be within a five mile radius of each other. Check out the video above to soak in all the puppy + good dudes magic.

(Via Good Morning America)