Watch This Adorable Great Dane Puppy Grow Up In A Touching Time Lapse Video

Get ready for the room you’re in to get very dusty. Dave Meinert rescued Pegasus, a Great Dane puppy, from a negligent breeder. He was heartbroken to be told that because of her health issues, Pegasus might lose her sight and hearing if she even survived, which many of her siblings didn’t. So, just in case they didn’t have a lot of time together, Meinert started filming every day they shared, shooting the long-legged puppy on a treadmill over the course of six months as she grew and grew.

In an update, Meinert said that due to his traveling schedule, he ended up surrendering “Pegs” to the family who watched her while he was away, but it was such a loving household with another Great Dane that it was a natural transition. Pegs is still thriving, and Meinert visits her when he can.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to step away from this onion I’ve been slicing.

Source: Mashable