The QAnon Wackos Think Biden Conspired With China To Freeze Texas And Cut Off The Power To Embarrass Republicans, Because Of Course

It’s 2021. Texas is a giant icicle. Republican Senators are vacationing in Mexico during a global pandemic. And somehow, people are more willing to believe insane conspiracy theories about why this is all happening instead of, you know, science.

By people, we mean QAnon cult members.

Vice is reporting that another major influencer within the group known as InevatibleET has posited a new excuse for why one of the country’s most southern states is buried under a blanket of snow and why its residents are freezing to death while Republican leaders sip Pina Coladas down in Cancun. In summary: It’s all Biden’s fault.

Followers are now jumping on this new theory that blames all of Texas’ woes on the president who, according to them, made it possible for China to hack the U.S. power grid through his Executive Order canceling work on the controversial Keystone Pipeline. According to QAnon believers, reversing Trump’s decision on the pipeline made it possible for China to access controls to our energy grid and they’re responsible for the rolling blackouts in the state, not, you know, subfreezing temperatures and archaic fuel sources.

The whole thing is lacking in necessary brain cells to make the theory work, especially since Texas operates on its own separate power grid, not one of the two federally-controlled grids that pretty much every other state uses, but at least it’s not as ridiculous as the QAnon theories that claim the snow blanketing the state isn’t even real.

We get why reality would be horrifying enough to concoct explanations that borrow from some of the worst plotlines of a Tom Cruise action film but please, give the people suffering in Texas a break and just log off for a while guys.