Texas Is Completely Covered In Snow, And People Are Freaking Out

In what’s being described as an “unprecedented” weather event, Texas is being absolutely pummeled by a winter storm leaving residents who aren’t accustomed to dealing with large amounts of snow in disarray as power outages and highway pile-ups roll across the state. In a move that’s already distinguished this administration from its predecessor, President Joe Biden issued a federal state of emergency for Texas and has mobilized resources to aid residents during the unusual storm. Meanwhile, local authorities have been scrambling to encourage people to stay off the road and prepare for rolling blackouts as temperatures dip into the negatives for the first time in 122 years and has already frozen power turbines in some areas. Via ABC News:

As of 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning, there are 1,834,260 customers without power in Texas due to the winter storm and state officials have warned that number could get higher.

ERCOT, the energy provider in Texas, entered its highest alert level overnight Sunday into Monday and has begun rolling blackouts to conserve power during this harsh winter storm.

One can understand the panic, since Texas isn’t exactly equipped for snow and ice.

You can watch Good Morning America‘s coverage of the historic winter storm below:

Despite the dire conditions, Texas residents have been sharing their winter storm experiences on social media. For some people, it’s their first time seeing this much snow, and they’re in for a lot of fun when it comes time to try and remove it all. You can also see which folks thought it’d be no big deal to drive out onto the roads, which have been a complete mess since icy conditions started on Sunday. Stay inside!