A QAnon Cultist Who’s Waiting For JFK Jr. In Dallas Has Found ‘Proof’ For The Conspiracy Theory In Trump’s ‘Home Alone 2’ Cameo

QAnon cult members have been waiting since November 2 for JFK Jr. to show up on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, where they believe that he’ll declare himself the VP candidate for a 2024 Trump ticket. If you thought that the onset of brisk winter temperatures in northern Texas would deter this crowd, well, you’d be wrong. Despite their initial disappointment at him not showing up on the initially believed date, they’ve been hanging around and singing “We Are The World” because they’re keeping the faith.

The Dallas Observer checked in with the crowd, who held a Tuesday rally this week, and the end product of this visit was a collection of utterances called, “Things Overheard at the QAnon Rally for the Return of JFK Jr.” As expected, the virtual smell of delusion feels palpable and includes, “COVID-19 (cough) was a (cough, cough) hoax created by the government (cough cough cough) to undermine Donald (cough, hacking of phlegm) Trump’s presidency (cough, wheeze)!” As if that wasn’t visceral enough, one attendee tied his entire belief (that JFK Jr. will appear) to Trump’s cameo appearance in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. The guy also seems to believe that JFL Jr. got shot, rather than his father, but logic might be beside the point when it comes to this mess of words:

“It all makes sense. Where was JFK Jr. shot? Dealey PLAZA. Where will he reappear? Discovery PLAZA. Where did Kevin McAlister stay in Home Alone 2? The PLAZA Hotel. And who did he see when he first went there? DONALD TRUMP. There’s your proof.”

That’s wild stuff and yet, it’s easy to believe that these words would spring from a crowd where someone else declared, “I wouldn’t say that I do my research. It’s more of a gut feeling I have. You know, where all the crap is stored.” And it’s all even stranger considering revelations that Trump actually (according to director Chris Columbus) bullied his way into the sequel. As Columbus’ retelling went, he wanted to shoot inside The Plaza, and Trump took the money but also demanded to appear in the film. And in 2014, Trump’s cameo mysteriously disappeared from airings by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Somehow, none of the QAnon cultists have mentioned this yet or tied the removal to JFK Jr., but surely, it’s only a matter of time.

(Via Dallas Observer)