The QAnon Shaman Has Apparently Had An Awakening While In Jail And Is Now Denouncing Trump’s ‘Out And Out Lies’ About The Election

Jacob Ainsley Chansley, the MAGA rioter also known as the “QAnon Shaman,” recently reached a month-long realization that his hero, Donald Trump, wasn’t all that and doesn’t really care about his supporters. The former president incited MAGAs toward the January 6 insurrection and then simply decided (after a “we love you, go home” video) to pretend those rioters who are now sitting behind bars don’t exist. Well, Shaman Guy has had a rude awakening. He’s repeatedly freaked out about a lack of organic food options in jail, and he seems honest-to-god surprised at not being pardoned. That’s a ridiculous expectation to those of us at home, yep, but QAnon Shaman’s lawyer, Albert Watkins, visited with Chris Cuomo on Monday night to reveal more about his client’s state of mind.

“I am deeply disappointed in former President Trump,” read the QAnon Shaman’s initial statement through his lawyer. “He was not honorable. He let a lot of peaceful people down. I have to leave judging him up to other people. I deeply regret and am sorry that I entered the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. I should not have been there.”

QAnon Shaman’s lawyer continued, stating that Trump did the unforgivable to his followers: “What he said day in, day out, that we all permitted, included untruths… out and out lies.” The statement appears at around the 4:00 minute mark in this video clip.

We’ve heard before that the guy feels duped, but the QAnon Shaman is reportedly attempting to undergo an “unwinding process” that Watkins says is aimed at shaking his loyalty toward Trump after believing years of lies. “You make it sound like he’s being deprogrammed from a cult…” stated Cuomo. And Watkins replied, “Well, I’ve likened the entire thing to 1978 and Jim Jones down in Guyana.” He added, “This is very real for these people.”

Well, QAnon Shaman is going nowhere fast, given that he’s been transferred to a few prisons and has been charged with civil disorder, obstruction, and disorderly conduct while awaiting trial. Meanwhile, Trump’s impeachment trial attorneys are attempting to characterize his incitement of the insurrection as “metaphorical” while defending their client, who’s hanging out at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida while his followers, including the QAnon Shaman, wonder where their guy has gone.

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