Rachel Bilson Prefers To Date Men Who Have Had Sex With A Lot Of Women

Thank goodness that Rachel Bilson has opened up the “controversial” fountain on her podcast again. She co-hosts Broad Ideas with longtime best friend Olivia Allen, and they have been known to get bawdy with their frank exploration of subjects that are frequently related to sexual relationships. And let’s face it, this is a fun subject for the audience at home.

Previously, Rachel made headlines for losing a gig after a production decided that she was being too forthright for their liking. Rachel had insisted that she hadn’t said anything wrong, and that was also the general consensus, especially given the customary subject matter of the podcast. Some of her greatest hits include gushing over Bill Hader’s massive dong and revealing the age when she had her first orgasm “from, like d*ck.”

Now, Rachel is expressing how she isn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of dating men who haven’t had a lot of sexual partners. She admitted that this might not be the fairest take, but nonetheless, that’s how she feels. Via Us Weekly:

“This is gonna sound so judgemental, but if a dude is in his 40s and he [has] only slept with four women … but it all depends,” Bilson, 42, said on the Monday, October 3, episode of her “Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson” podcast. “Maybe he’s been in decade [long] relationships, totally respectable.”

Rachel further elaborated upon how she used to make a habit of asking dates about their number of former partners, although she “probably wouldn’t” continue doing so in the future. Why? She detailed how her 20s were spent in two long-term relationships, so that obviously affects the number, but she has seemed to enjoy her subsequent path, too. That is, if one can draw any interferences to that orgasm at age 38 that she previously mentioned. Back when she dropped that tidbit, she followed up to add that nothing was the fault of the dudes, and it was more about her own comfort. And these days, it’s good to hear her being comfortable again in podcast land.

(Via Us Weekly)