This Guy Looks Almost Exactly Like The Animated Character From ‘Ratatouille’

Disney Pixar

Who doesn’t love the delightful animated Disney Pixar film Ratatouille? The 2007 kids flick tells the story of a Parisian rat named Remy (voiced by the equally delightful Patton Oswalt) who dreams of one day being a chef — and eventually achieves that goal with the help of another aspiring chef named Alfredo Linguini, the illegitimate son of a deceased restaurant owner.

Well, probably this guy, who in real life looks exactly like the character of Alfredo Linguini. “I work in a kitchen,” he wrote on Reddit, sharing a photo of himself in his kitchen whites. “You have no idea how many people say ‘You look like the guy from ratatouille.’ Every damn minute.”

According to Mashable, the author of the post is a 19-year-old kitchen porter named Joshua Carpenter-Jones from the UK. “Send picture to Disney… Get role for live action Ratatouille,” wrote one commenter, while another suggested that he’d be a “huge hit” at the french restaurant at the Florida Walt Disney World Resort Epcot theme park.

With 175,000 upvotes in just two days, either way it’s clear that the rest of the internet agrees with him. Let’s just hope Disney doesn’t send him a cease and desist for looking too much like one of their characters, as one person joked.

(Via Mashable)