A ‘Ray Donovan’ Actor Trolled Co-Star (And Staunch Trump Supporter) Jon Voight While Endorsing Biden

A lot of celebrities are making their thoughts about the 2020 presidential election known, and while many have been earnest and impassioned, some have tried to find some humor in a deeply serious matter. One of those people is Eddie Marsan, acclaimed actor and supporting player on Showtime’s fixer drama Ray Donovan. On Election Day, the British thespian took to Twitter to endorse Joe Biden. But he did it while also trolling one of his Ray Donovan costars, who is definitely not voting the same way.

“Hey America, I know this is the most important election ever & the survival of your democratic institutions and the soul of America is at stake but…can we just take it back to me for a second. Please vote for Joe Biden,” Marsan wrote. He then added something crucial: “I can’t spend another 4 years listening to this bullsh*t.”

If you were seeing Marsan’s tweet buried in your feed, you probably just saw an image of Marsan, in Ray Donovan, sitting at a table surrounded by bottles of Jameson, looking annoyed. If you clicked to see the whole vertical picture, you saw that standing above him was his colleague, no less than noted Republican Jon Voight.

Voight, an excellent actor who occasionally records over-the-top pro-Trump videos, won an Oscar for 1978’s Coming Home, in which he played a handicapped Vietnam War vet who speaks out against the strife that took his legs. In real life, Voight went from a lefty activist to a rightwing mouthpiece. He’s still a great actor — see: his work on Ray Donovan — but Marsan’s tweet suggests that working with him can be a bit of a pill.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)