Read This Brewpub Owner's Most Excellent Response To A Starbucks Cease & Desist Over 'Frappicino' Beer

Exit 6 — a small brewpub some 40 miles outside of St. Louis — recently released a new stout and decided the name “Frappicino” was a good fit. Little did owner Jeff Britton realize that three servings and one listing later, the attorneys would come knocking.

You see, Starbucks is owner of a lot of important trademarks, one of which is “Frappuccino,” and they don’t take too kindly to other businesses infringing on them, even if in the least profitable way possible.

Britton didn’t take the cease and desist lightly either though. In fact, he took it so seriously that he replied with and effusive apology letter in which he refused to even use the name of the drink (“heretofore known as ‘The F Word'”) and included a check for the $6 dollars Exit 6 had made on their beer of similar. Hell, Britton even confessed they would have used the exact same name as the Starbucks trademark if he wasn’t such a sh*tty speller.

Here’s the breakdown of the documentation as shared on Exit 6’s Facebook page, beginning with the cease and desist and followed by Britton’s most excellent response that closes with, “We just want to help a business like Starbucks. Us small business owners need to stick together,” and an inspired series of postscripts. I suggest enjoying over your morning chai latte.

Cc-ing Mr. Bucks was a nice touch. I thought.

Exit 6 on Facebook via Grubstreet