Natural Selection: 9 Reasons Ric Flair Is The Most Legendary Human Of All-Time

Ric Flair turns 66 years old today. I don’t want to be blasphemous or anything, but Ric Flair is pretty much God in a feathered robe. There isn’t a lot that can be said about the best wrestler of all-time that hasn’t already been said, and really, a list of his awesomeness could probably be 1,000 entries. So, I decided to grab some of the Nature Boy’s nine lesser-known, yet still epic moments.


1. He Had Possibly The Most Grueling Wrestling Schedule Of All-Time

Flair used to wrestle hour-long matches every single day and twice on Sundays. In contrast, the usual WWE wrestling match today runs about 15 minutes long with a monthly pay-per-view match going maybe 30 minutes if it’s the main-event. Flair would wrestle an hour each night in a different city, then do “double shots” on Sunday. That’s eight hours of wrestling in a week. Every week.