Ricky Gervais Took A Scathing Swing At Piers Morgan Over His ‘Disgusting’ Taliban Interview

Piers Morgan was so freaking happy after Trump lost his mind over their recently disastrous interview. This was, to be certain, a celebration in Piers’ head, and he ended up delivering blow-by-blows in the days leading up to the talk where Trump huffily stormed out of their combative on-camera meeting. Unfortunately for Piers, however, reports indicate that followup installments of his new talkTV show (Piers Morgan Uncensored) have tanked in the ratings, so it was time to drum up more controversy.

That effort’s looking a bit desperate since Piers decided to interview Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen, and Mediaite reports that the general perception in the British press has been to label this a “disgusting” stunt. An undaunted Piers merrily posted a clip of himself attempting to take a hard line with his subject.

It’s really something to give a platform to a Taliban talking head, and this display led a Twitter user to ask Ricky Gervais what he thought of the “disgusting” decision to do so.

Gervais didn’t miss a beat. He swung hard while feigning a belief that it was the Taliban, not Piers, who stooped too low in agreeing to the talk: “I’ve lost all respect for them.”

Asked and answered! Gervais couldn’t help himself, and Piers will be so mad when he gets a whiff of this.