How Messed Up Is This TV Store Prank Paramount Staged To Promote ‘Rings’?

Rings, the second sequel to 2002’s blockbuster horror hit The Ring — otherwise known as the film that messed your entire world up for weeks after you watched it — is being released on February 3rd so we can all see what Samara is up to 15 years later. (Spoiler alert: she is still dearly in need of a good stylist!)

To promote the upcoming film, Paramount Pictures staged the above prank at a real appliance store in White Plains, NY, to see what unsuspecting shoppers would do when Samara climbed out of a TV right in front of them. To issue a slight caveat here, there’s probably at least a decent chance that the whole thing is faked, since you’d have to assume a big movie studio like Paramount knows that it’s not a good idea to go grabbing at random people who could very well have heart conditions and/or weapons on them (which would both be bad).

However if you’d care to suspend disbelief, then go ahead and enjoy a bunch of people getting the absolute daylights scared out of them as they think they’re just going about their everyday business shopping for a new TV. Hey, that ought to teach them for attempting to shop local!