Roger Stone Is Trying To Pin The Blame For The Jan. 6 Capitol Breach On Steve Bannon

The Jan. 6 committee is getting closer and closer to piecing together what happened on Jan. 6. Hundreds of Trump staffers have been interviewed, many of them willingly. Even the “MAGA Bonnie and Clyde” are playing ball. As a result, a clearer picture is emerging of how the former president helped foment a near-insurrection that resulted in five deaths. But who was behind encouraging his supporters of violently breaching the Capitol building. Roger Stone, one of Trump’s closest allies, swears he has an answer.

As per The Daily Beast, the longtime Republican operative — who pleaded the fifth to the House select committee investigating the riot — took to Telegram, the far right message sending service, on Sunday. And he pinned the blame on his longtime frenemy Steve Bannon.

“It is highly likely that Bannon really gave the order to breach the capital [sic] and maneuvered patriots into dangerous positions,” Stone wrote. “A neophyte Steve Bannon was willing to try crazy things like this to curry favor with Trump who had a [sic] no interest in Bannon’s bullsh*t.”

Stone and Bannon don’t seem to get along very well. Back in January, a couple weeks after the Capitol tragedy, he took umbrage with Bannon, whom he dubbed a “progenitor of hobo chic,” getting pardoned after defrauding a number of Trump supporters.

Stone’s Telegram post wasn’t the only thing he did this weekend. On Saturday, he appeared on Alex Jones’ Infowars, where he advised the conspiracy theorist, who’s playing ball with the Jan. 6 committee, to not take their requests seriously. Stone swore he didn’t want to “obstruct justice,” but rather it was just some “friend to friend” legal advice.

(Via The Daily Beast)