Trump Stooge Roger Stone Says He Can’t Handle The Mean Streets Of Manhattan’s Upper West Side Because People ‘Attack’ Him

Roger Stone may look like a cartoon villain, but Donald Trump’s biggest fanboy is reportedly terrified of returning to the mean streets of Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Stone has since retired to Florida, but according to a recent NY Mag story, his choice to fly down South may have been influenced by his growing right-wing notoriety amongst the bluer crowd of the UWS.

“Stone says he loves New York but hasn’t returned to the city since the FBI raided him in 2019,” journalist Shawn McCreesh writes. “When he is here, he claims the Upper West Side is no longer safe for him. ‘People who don’t share my political point of view might verbally and sometimes physically attack me,’ he says.”

The interview is part of a larger piece about a nondescript bar on the UWS that is host to the more conservative set — everyone from Donald Trump Jr. to Ann Coulter frequent its tackily-decorated booths. Stone, who used to live near the cafe, called it “an oasis of red in a sea of blue.” In other words, it’s a safe space for Republicans to joke about building prisons on top of landfills.

Despite offering no evidence to back up his claim that he’s ever been attacked while walking around the affluent, incredibly posh neighborhood, Stone seems to think his affiliation with Trump is reason enough for concern. And hey, he may have a point. Currently, the businessman is facing a civil suit from the Justice Department and the House Committee investigating the Jan. 6th insurrection just subpoenaed him for information, and reports came to light that he was seen marching with white nationalist groups like the Oath Keepers on the morning of the attack. So really, it sounds like his “safe space” from liberals could be a jail cell.

(Via NY Mag)