Disney Is Going On The Offensive And Suing Ron DeSantis And His Tourism Board Of Stooges For Damages

Earlier this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tried to end his bitter feud with Disney by simply announcing that he’s “moved on” from the fight he’s been losing from the jump. Unfortunately for DeSantis, Disney has other plans.

The two have been locked in a legal battle ever since DeSantis and state Republicans openly announced their intentions to retaliate against Disney for opposing Florida’s highly controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Making good on his threat, DeSantis created a hand-picked tourism board in an attempt to take control of the special district where Disneyworld operates. Disney called the move a violation of its First Amendment rights, and the lawsuits have been flying back and forth ever since.

However, Disney is showing no signs of backing down. Just days after DeSantis attempted to wave away the dispute, Disney has filed a countersuit against the governor’s tourism board. According to the latest lawsuit, DeSantis had several opportunities to “move on,” but instead, let things get to where they are now.

Via The Messenger:

“Amid a climate of escalating retaliation against Disney by the Florida government, Disney sought de-escalation, including through several attempts to spark a productive dialogue with the DeSantis Administration. These efforts were unsuccessful” Disney says in its lawsuit filed Thursday in the Orange County Circuit Court.

Disney is alleging that DeSantis, a Republican, wrongfully removed members of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board that Disney had selected, according to the suit. In doing so, DeSantis violated a contract the state board had with the company. Disney is arguing for $50,000 as well as a new board.

In the same CNBC interview where DeSantis claimed to have “moved on,” he also encouraged Disney to “drop” their lawsuit because they’re “going to lose.” Clearly, they think otherwise, Ron.

(Via The Messenger)