Ol’ Pudding Fingers Ron DeSantis Gave An Awkward, Squinty Interview While Inexplicably Staring Directly At The Sun

Ron DeSantis hasn’t officially announced he’s running for president yet, but he did make an eyebrow-raising visit to Japan this week and not just because the state of Florida was recently hit with disastrous flooding. (Although, that didn’t look great.) As part of his “world tour,” the governor has been talking to the press, which hasn’t been going well as he attempts to convince Republicans that he’s a better candidate than Trump.

Case in point, DeSantis conducted an interview with Sean Hannity via satellite where the governor looks absolutely miserable thanks to his face being pointed directly at the sun.

This kind of amateur mistake doesn’t speak well for DeSantis’ campaign, who let the governor go on camera looking like Squints McGoo and social media had a field day with DeSantis’ looking absolutely miserable.

“The reason I know DeSantis is going to lose the primary is because no one on his team thought to check the sun position before agreeing to this setup and no one at Fox cared enough to say something before they went live,” Amanda Smith tweeted.

“The only explanation for every decision this campaign has made is that it’s being run by a secret Democratic operative who hates DeSantis more than anyone else on Earth,” wrote Geoff LaTulippe.

You can see more reactions to Ol’ Pudding Cup DeSantis clearly having the time of his life below:

(Via Aaron Rupar on Twitter)