‘Meatball’ Ron DeSantis Got All Red-Faced And Huffy At The Museum Of Tolerance When A Reporter Asked Him About Time Working As A Guard At Guantanamo

The World Irony Meter has been at record-high levels today — both because woke-hating Ron DeSantis, of all people, is holding court at The Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem. And also because he lost his sh*t on a reporter while answering questions at said museum.

DeSantis’ international foreign visit is officially to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of Israel’s independence. Yet people have been more interested in getting “Meatball” Ron’s thoughts on Disney filing a lawsuit against him and his cronies in federal court, which originated with DeSantis’ proposed — and not-very-tolerant — “Don’t Say Gay” bill. But an even more enterprising journalist decided to ask Ol’ Pudding Fingers about the time he spent as a Navy lawyer at Guantánamo Bay, where he reportedly realized that it was a-ok to force-feed detainees, according to The Washington Post.

Ron was not pleased.

Initially, Ron attempted to blow off the question — which the reporter didn’t even get out in full — with a dismissive “that’s all BS,” but the reporter wasn’t about to give up so easily. That’s when we apparently got to see what the Florida governor is like when he’s operating without a script. And it wasn’t pretty.

A red-faced DeSantis (like a meatball smothered in Sunday gravy!) raised his voice and demanded to know whether the reporter honestly thought anything he had heard about Young Ron in Cuba was “credible,” given that it was nearly 20 years ago.

“Do you honestly think that they would have remembered me from Adam? Of course not,” DeSantis bellowed. “They’re just trying to get into the news because they know people like you will consume it, because it fits your preordained narrative that you’re trying to spin.”

“Focus on the facts, and stop worrying about the narrative,” DeSantis declared, before moving on. So much for “tolerance.”