Ron DeSantis Parachuted Into San Francisco To Stand On A Graffitied Street Corner And Bloviate About ‘Riff-Raff Just Running Around’

Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis is on tour these days, running through the country and sweating through shirts in Oklahoma humidity. That’s quite something when one considers that he’s used to Florida humidity, but hey, it was a hot day in Tulsa, and it distracted people from his silly jihad on Disney and the Ol’ Puddin’ fingers thing.

For his next act, DeSantis pulled a Marjorie Taylor Greene and headed to a major American city, where he proceeded to complain about all of the filthiness and drugs that he witnessed, supposedly at the hands of “Leftist policies.” He chose a particularly graffiti-filled background to do so.

In addition to complaining about “so many businesses boarded up and I’ve seen so much riff-raff just running around,” he places the blame squarely upon Democrats:

“We’re here in the once great city of San Francisco. We came in here and we saw people defecating on the street, we saw people using heroin, we saw people smoking crack cocaine. The city is not vibrant anymore. It’s really collapsed because of Leftist policies and these policies have caused people to flee this area. They don’t prosecute criminals like they do in most parts of the country.”

DeSantis appeared to be firing shots at London Breed, who is the first Black female mayor of San Francisco. She took office in 2018 and almost immediately installed what was dubbed as a “Poop Patrol,” which was a crew of people who do pick up after those who defecated in public. So it’s not as though she isn’t aware of the issues facing San Francisco, and in fact, she launched an all-out effort to solve the many maladies plaguing the Tenderloin neighborhood, and Assistant Police Chief David Lazar was quoted by CBS news as declaring, “The 300 block of Hyde has been one of our biggest challenges… Right now, it hasn’t looked this good in a long time.” Yes, there’s lots of work left to do, but the difficulties didn’t start yesterday.

Still, DeSantis has had it with the “riff-raff,” and that word is a standout.

Also, Florida does have its own reputation, and it’s not about Rocky Horror Picture Show at all. That’s a shame.