Ron DeSantis Offered A Profile In Courage As He Refused To Condemn Trump, The Guy Who Makes Fun Of Him, For His Jan. 6 Antics

Ron DeSantis likes to cosplay as a tough guy. That’s why he’s spent the last year and change going after the biggest employer in his state because they don’t hate LGBTQIA+ people. He hasn’t done the same to the presidential rival who keeps dragging him (but won’t use the funniest mean/dumb nickname). In fact, DeSantis is such a man that he’ll even dodge a question posed by a teenager.

As per Mediaite, DeSantis was campaigning in New Hampshire — where he’s already enraging some voters — where he fielded a question from a young man concerned about what Donald Trump did on Jan. 6 (and before). “Do you believe that Trump violated the peaceful transfer of power – a key principle of American democracy that we must uphold?” the kid asked.

DeSantis tried to stall responding, asking the young man where he goes to high school. Once he learned he’s actually from Vermont, the Florida governor finally got to around to his brave non-response.

“So, here’s what I know. If this election is about Biden’s failures and our vision for the future, we are going to win. If it’s about are re-litigating things that happen two, three years ago, we’re gonna lose,” DeSantis said about that time the guy who calls him dumb names tried to overturn democracy.

He then did shifted the response to himself. “I can tell you this. I can point you to Tallahassee, Florida on, I believe, January 5, 2023,” he continued. “We had a transition of power from my first administration to my second ’cause I won reelection in a historic fashion. And at the end of the day, you know, we need to win and we need to get this done.”

In other words, DeSantis is humblebragging about his own peaceful transition of power: when he won re-election and didn’t to transfer power.

Finally, he got to Trump’s antics on Jan. 6, 2021. “So, I wasn’t anywhere near Washington that day. I have nothing to do with what happened that day,” he said. “Obviously, I didn’t enjoy seeing, you know, what happened. But we gotta go forward on this stuff. We cannot be looking backwards and be mired in the past.”

Strong, inspiring stuff from the guy who likes to bully students.

(Via Mediaite)