People Are Losing It Over A Clip Of James Woods Portraying Rudy Giuliani Trying To Seduce A Woman In A Scene From A 2003 TV Movie

James Woods, the conservative actor that Family Guy referred to as a “political troll and maniac on Twitter” (he’s earned that title), has led a controversial life, to say the very least. Word on the street is that he left the Democratic party when Bill Clinton got impeached, although he sure stuck with the MAGA crowd even though Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Woods, who is known for dating women decades younger than himself (one of them was truly named Ashley Madison), has claimed that his political beliefs got him blacklisted from Hollywood. No one could possibly say whether that’s the case, but nothing stopped him from playing Rudy Giuliani in a 2003 USA Network movie, Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story, particularly in one clip that’s making the Internet rounds.

Woods does not appear to be aware (at least on Twitter) that people have rediscovered a seduction scene from that movie, or he’s simply ignoring it while tweeting about fake conspiracies and such, but yes, it’s true. Woods portrayed Rudy during his “America’s Mayor” years, but more importantly for the Internet’s purposes, he took a romantically moonlit walk on a beach, and that’s (of course) the scene that people are zeroing in upon as “fucking G O L D.” It “absolutely murdered me. I am dead,” wrote another user.

An important question here: is this a scene where Rudy is romancing the cousin that he married (a union that was later annulled)? Nope, but now you can’t stop thinking about it, right?

The people are demanding a sequel (we’d probably all watch the hair-dye meltdown and My Cousin Vinny moment reenacted), and oh boy, lots of laughter going on here.

Also, maybe don’t mention this movie (ever) to James Woods unless you wanna get blocked (maybe you do want that?). Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story is now streamable on Amazon Prime, if you’re feeling adventurous.