What On Earth Is Going On With This Rudy Giuliani Staffer’s Haircut? People Online Have Thoughts

Rudy Giuliani is such a wreck his chaos is even spreading to those in his orbit. On Friday the fallen former “America’s Mayor” was ordered to pay a whopping $148 million to two election workers who sued him for defamation. His self-destructive comments came about in December of 2020. It was a wild time for him: He had the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle, he introduced the wine lady, and he had that mystery goo moment.

Now some three years later, there’s more Giuliani-related weird hair news. Giuliani and his posse appeared at a Georgia courthouse, where he received the bad news. Among him was his entourage, including someone who appears to be a bag man, one of his lawyers, or simply a staffer. Whoever he was, he had weird, weird hair.

The ‘do sure is a wonder. Most of the guy’s head is shaved, save a gigantic, continent-sized land mass towards the front of his head. To some it looked like Cillian Murphy’s early 20th century Irish gangster get-up from Peaky Blinders, if the hair was in the slightly wrong place.

Others thought it seemed like Hitler-y.

It also inspired tons and tons of jokes.

Currently the Giuliani associate’s identity is unknown, which is probably for the best. At least he’s doing better than Rudy, who before the verdict was so broke he can’t even afford a car in which to cry (or fart). The poor guy’s even jokingly (or not?) begging people for money on live television.